About us

Two leading companies in the agricultural sector such as Volpi Originale (1890) and Grupo Sanz (1987) join forces, knowledge and experience in the manufacture of battery tools to make a qualitative leap with a new range of electrical equipment. Shears, pole pruners and tying machines are the beginning of this new line.

During the last 5 years, the two companies have been investing in design and development, carrying out tests in the field, in different countries and crops, collecting feedback from the most demanding farmers.


1. With the Kamikaze-Volpi technology, we have perfectly combined the latest lithium technology with electric motors and components, optimized to guarantee a longer life battery, providing powerful and effective tools for agriculture. Our Multi-KV battery system fits up to 7 tools.

2. The products have been manufactured for intensive works and for different uses as forestry, landscaping or agriculture. The new line of electric tools covers different needs.

3. The speed and ease in the after-sales service is one of the requirements that farmers need the most due to their special intensity of work.

4. These tools need for a continuous maintenance, therefore from the design, we wanted to facilitate their repairs and start-up as much as possible.

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