Multipurpose grease

Grasa multiuso
Ref. 14360

Lithium grease E.P+PTFE spray with applicator nozzle. Specially designed for greasing and lubrication of moving parts of electric pruning machines (ball screws, gears, pins, screws, cutting blades etc).

Optimal oxidation stability and anti-rust protection, giving high performance in mechanisms subjected to humid environments. According to USDA-H2 standard, Resistance to water washing.

  • CERTIFICATES ISO 14001 / ISO 9001

Instructions for use

  1. Shake enough. With the container upright, practice a little on another surface. Place the nozzle at the lubrication point and press the button until the necessary quantity is added.
  2. Spray for a short time and shake again if large applications are to be made.
  3. At the lubrication points of the KV scissors, you must adjust the nozzle correctly and wait 3 seconds after each press until the injected internal pressure drops, then you can remove the nozzle from the lubrication point.
  4. After use, invert the spray and press the button until the product stops coming out and only gas comes out. This cleans the inside of the nozzle and prevents clogging for a new use.

Technical specifications

Weight per unit

0,363 kg

Grease capacity

400 ml